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Türk telekom haberleşme elektronik staj defteri.Üyemize aittir.
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staj 50 sayfa ingilizce arkadaşlar .

1.1 History of Turk Telekom 2
4.1 Individual Services 8
4.1.1 ADSL 8
4.1.2 Isdn 10
4.1.3 TTWinet 13
4.1.4 146 Dail Up 13
4.1.5 Telephone 14
4.1.6 TTNetwork 19
4.1.7 0522 Nmt 19
4.1.8 Alo Vatan 20
4.2 Corporate Services 22
4.2.1 Centrex 22
4.2.2 Atm 22
4.2.3 Frame Relay 23
4.2.4 G.Shdsl 25
4.2.5 Metro Ethernet 25
4.2.6 Leased Lines 25
4.2.7 Telex-Teletext 26
4.3 Cable Types 28
4.3.1 Cat 3 28
4.3.2 Cat 5 and Cat 5E 28
4.3.3 Cat 6 29
4.3.4 Cat 7 29
4.3.5 Fiber Optic Cable 29
4.3.6 Coaxial Cable 30
4.4 Network Equipments 31
4.4.1 Switch 31
4.4.2 Bridges 31
4.4.3 Routers 32
4.5 Nms 32
4.6 Crm 34
4.7 Jasmin Program 36
4.8 Kambs And Outdoor Systems 36
4.9 Web Site Project 37


After years of education, summer practice was the thing I’m in need of, before I graduate and get in to the working life. My aim on summer practice was to participate in real life working and office environment. The courses we study in school had to be set in to practice, and that had to be done before the graduation. How we should do it was the thing that we can only learn on summer practices. Accepting this vision, I tried to find not the best but the more effective and useful place for my summer practice and I-tech was of course the one I searched for.
I have performed my summer practice in Hatay Turk Telekom IL Müdürlügü. My practice took totally 6 weeks, 30 working days, in between 15-08-2007 – 26-09-2007. The department at which I have performed my practice was Information Networks. I have done my practice under the supervisor of Murat TUNÇ who is the manager of Information Networks Department. Also, chief, Ziya SEÇKİN, guided me to learn all of the telephone groundwork, cable types, dsl systems and explain structural cabling with equipments for their building’s network.


For nearly 165 years, as Türk Telekom, we have been working to supply modern communication opportunities to our precious customers. This effort is continuing today based on the same ideal.With the aim of providing modern technologies, we directed ourselves to international goals from national goals with our customer-oriented approach and qualified services. Türk Telekom is one of the biggest companies in the world, having the information and experience well enough to compete in the national and international communications markets, will go on providing better services to the customers. [1]
Turk Telekom has 55 000 employees in Turkey. In Hatay Turk Telekom has nearly 500 employees.Turk Telekom has over 2000 engineers with arcadian engineers.Hatay Turk Telekom’s 14 directorship (Table 1.1). In Hatay Turk Telekom has many equipment for telephone and network. Approximately, 300 personal computers ,3 servers,3 cabinet,many telephones,6 switches,many routers.
In this summer , 35 students make training in Hatay Turk Telekom.Many students are university student but nearly 5 students is profession high school.
My supervisior’s name is Murat TUNÇ. He is manager of Information Networks in Hatay Turk Telekom.His telephone is 0326 555 40 30.
Hatay Turk Telekom’s address is İskenderun Yolu üzeri, 3.Km Antakya / HATAY.
1.1 History of Turk Telekom
"Postahane-i Amirane" has been established on 23.10.1840 by Sultan Abdülmecit."
9 August 1847 after the first realization of sending and reception of a telegraph message, the first telegraph line was started to install between İstanbul-Edirne. July 1881 In İstanbul, a telephone circuit was established between the Ministry of Post and Telegraph in Soğukçeşme and the Post Office in Yenicami. [1]
23 May 1909 the first manual telephone exchange with the 50 line capacity was established in İstanbul Great Post Office. 4 February 1924 with the Telephone and Telegraph Law numbered 406, General Directorate of Post, telegraph and Telephone was authorized to install and operate telephone network all around Turkey.11 September 1926 the first Automatic telephone exchange with the 2000 line capacity was put into service in Ankara. 1 September 1929 the first telephone conversation over a telephone circuit between Ankara and İstanbul was realized. 1940 the establishment of two units of Ankara-İstanbul single channel open wire line multiplex systems made the telecommunication more easier. [1]
November 1973 The first automatic telex exchange was established. 6 April 1976 by putting the first submarine coaxial cable with 480 total channel into service between Antalya and Catania, the international conversation over multi channels was provided. 23 April 1979 by putting the first satellite eart station into service, the communication over INTELSAT by using the satellites of Atlantical region between Turkey and 13 countries was provided. March 1982 public Payphones open to domestic and international calls were established. 28 June 1984 Electronic Mail Service was put into service between Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir and Adana. [1]
5 July 1984 the multi access special radio link system connecting a lot of villages to the automatic telephone network over a system was established. 18 December 1984 Turkey's first digital telephone exchange was put into service in Kavaklıdere in Ankara. 10 April 1985 fiber optic cable increasing channel capacity in communication was installed for the first time beginnig from 37th km. of Ankara-Konya highway. November 1985 the first radio link system was put into service between Ankara and İstanbul.  23 October 1986 mobile Telephone system was put into service in Ankara and İstanbul and Paging system in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir. 4 March 1987 the first video-conference in Europe over satellite system was realized in Turkey. [1]
15 July 1987 the first fiber optic cable among provinces was installed on the pole between Aydın and Denizli December 1988 cable-TV service has been put into service for the first time in Çankaya in Ankara. 1989 the first Packet Switching Data Network, TURPAK was set up by using DPN modules. X-25, ITI and SNA services were put into use over the network. [1]
21 December 1990 The contract about "TURKSAT National Communication Satellites" was made with the French Firm Aerospatiale. 24 December 1990 with the project EMOS1, the communication via fiber optic submarine cable system between Italy, Greece, Turkey and Middle-East was provided. 1991 low-capacity digital radio link systems were put into service in order to provide the transmission of exchanges in rural areas.23 February 1994 Turkey met with GSM technology. GSM which knows no limit in communication was put into service firstly for its subscribers in Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir. April 1994 Centrex Telephony Service, which provides all functions of PABX over national telephony network, was put into service. [1]
11 August 1994 Turkey's first satellite TURKSAT-1B was launched into the space. 1994 TURMEOS-1 (Turkey's optic cable system of Marmara and Ege region) and TURCYOS (Turkey-North Cyprus submarine fiber optic cable system) were put into service. 24 April 1995 by separating the telecommunication and Postal services in PTT from each other, Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. was founded. 1996 submarine fiber optic cable system covering Turkey-Italy-Ukraine-Russia (ITUR) was put into service. 1996 central Collection System was put into service in order to provide the on-line payments of our customers from PTT centers, contracted banks and Turk Telekom Collection Offices. With the addition of passport modules, Frame Relay and ATM services, providing high speed data transmission over TURPAK network, were put into use. [1]
12 April 1996 No.7 which is a signalling system between exchanges and forms the instrastructure of transferring of voice, data and picture was applied in Turkey. 10 July 1996 Turkey's 2nd satellite TÜRKSAT 1C was launched. 1996 Turkey's National Internet Backbone Network (TURNET) was put into service. 7 Nov
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