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Matlab uygulamaları

<TITLE>wound rotor induction machine</TITLE>
<SYNC><P> The elementary 3-phase 2-pole synchronous generator has a stator equipped
with 3 coils displaced 120o from each other;although shown as concentrated, they actually are distributed.
When the rotor is excited with dc and rotated, the resultant field will also rotate so that sinusoidal
voltages are generated in the 3 stator phases, displaced 120o in time and having a frequency directly related to rotor


A per-unit quantity Q is defined as the ratio of an actual quantity QA to an appropriately chosen base value QN so that
Q = Q/Q
The notation here is to use the color red for per-unit values, blue for actual values, and magenta for normalizing values. If Q and Q are of the same order of magnitude, Q takes on a value close to unity. So while Q and Q vary widely in absolute values depending on the size or rating of the device to which they relate and have dimensions such as Volt, Ampere, Ohm, Weber, Newton-meter, their quotient Q is a dimensionless relative quantity that lies in a narrow numerical range. In the context of electric machines, the following advantages to the use of per-unit (pu) parameters and pu equations can

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